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The Film Innovation Lab Was a Great Success!

Film Innovation Lab - Made in Texas

The Film Innovation Lab was a great success!  I want to thank every person who came out to the event.  People from all different types of backgrounds, Film, TV, Start-Up, and Tech came out to the event.  And it was with those backgrounds that great new solutions came about concerning Distribution, Financing, and Creating Community.  For me it was personally very satisfying to see such great thinkers coming together and then when going into breakout brainstorming sessions, just want to keep talking and talking even after I said it was time to take a break.  It was great to see these discussions going on and the passion I could see in their eyes as they shared ideas on real change, to create a film and media industry in Texas.  And the ideas that were shared with me in private, the results from the brainstorm event, were great, ideas once revealed could revolutionize the Texas film and media industry.

Michael Cain Announces Brand New Film Funding Platform at the Film Innovation Lab

Scott McMahon Addresses Solutions For New Film Distribution at the Film Innovation Lab

Kareem N. Gray - Writer/Director - Gives Live Film Pitch at the Film Innovation Lab


Raj Daniels, CEO of Open Time App

Blake Nelms, Creative Director of White Pants Agency

Bennett Litwin, Author of The Creative Mind

Jeff Corkran, VP Experience

Derek Stumfall, CEO of

Neil Lemons, Founder of

Courtney Garza, Team Leader, D Innovates Magazine

Hutch Hutchinson & Marcus Ridner

Featured Speaker Scott McMahon & I Discuss Purpose of Film Innovation Lab & Disrupting the Film Industry


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Joe Payton

“This event is about creating economic opportunity for Dallas and Texas in a huge industry segment, film, media, television, virtual reality.  I look forward to being a part of it.”

Joe Payton, Founder of the Genius Den,




“This is going to be a great event.  It’s new and inventive, and if I can be a part of creating a new industry right here in Texas, I want to do it.”

Adam “Jax” Lotia, Founder



Marcus Ridner

“Creating a film industry here in Texas can mean jobs and huge economic impact for Dallas, Ft. Worth, and the state.”

Marcus Ridner, CEO of Dopamine Entertainment™ & The Comedy Summit™



Oren Salomon

“I enjoy working with Jeff activating and organizing the nascent film community in Dallas. I love Jeff’s vision for bridging the ingenuity of the startup community with the creative and inspiring aspects of film. Jeff is actively seeking to disrupt film distribution by breaking down the barrier between filmmaker and fans of film. Everything from initial financing to live workshops, Jeff is exploring every opportunity to remove friction from the filmmaking process. Jeff’s ultimate goal of creating a sustainable business model for all independent filmmakers is inspiring and I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Oren Salomon,  Founder of Dallas Fort Work, Co-Working Space,

Raj Daniels“I’m all about connecting people and this will be a great way to meet other leaders in the North Texas area to create something great together.  Getting off the grid and meeting face to face!  I look forward to it and all the ideas and relationships that will be born out of it.”

Raj Daniels,  CEO of Open Time™ ,


Ryan Obdeige

“What Jeff L. Vogt is doing within the tech and film industry is straight up disruptive. He is a visionary in the strongest sense. I’m excited for the future of film & tech.”

Ryan Ogbeide, Founder of



Matt Poness Headshot

“Dallas has been itching for a strong push in the film/media production world. We’ve seen a push within the tech scene, so combining the industry forces within both production and tech will be extremely impactful. As a Producer/Director and Partner of a startup production company, as well as being deeply ingrained in the tech startup world, I’m so excited to be a part of what Imagination Media is doing.”

Matt Poness,  Producer/Director, Partner of The Drake Studios,


Mike Drake Headshot“Jeff is a visionary. His thoughts and ideals are on point to put Dallas in the spotlight as a place for filmmakers. I am excited to be a part of this journey as a filmmaker myself.”

Michael Drake, CEO of  The Drake Studios,  The



linkedincomp“Applying the Lean Startup principles to moviemaking is just BRILLIANT. His vision, if implemented,  will save human kind from future “Gigli” disaster movies.  There are many avenues for improving an industry and a viewer experience that has not yet changed much over a century when we consider the opportunities that are offered by advances in telecom, digital, and augmented reality technologies. As an inventor myself, I have realised some of the untapped possibilities that these advances are enabling. Adaptive movies and new gamified viewing experiences are now possible.    I am glad that my mobile application Eventi PR will be part of supporting Jeff’s effort and vision. I am looking forward to collaborate more closely with him in this exciting arena.”

Federico Fraccaroli, Patent Attorney, and CEO of Eventi,

Suzanne Ridner photo“What better way to bring creative minds together than the Film Innovation Lab! I look forward to hearing from members of the film community about their passion and desire to see changes made within the industry. Jeff is an innovator who has taken his passion to a whole new level. I’m onboard!”

Suzanne Ridner, Managing Partner, Dopamine Entertainment™ and The Comedy Summit™

Peter Wood

“When Jeff & I get together I always like his fresh take on things and positive attitude.  As a creative myself, I know how important it is to create a positive environment for critical thinking and solutions oriented meetings. I look forward to seeing what I can bring to the table and the wonderful people I will be meeting.”

Peter Wood, Former Creative Director of Ad Agency, Creator of JFK film series at 6th Floor Museum, Dallas, Texas


Blake Nelms

“Jeff has a brilliant vision that will bring filmmakers and visionaries together to create, inspire and share ideas within this film community. A truly amazing event that I am very grateful to be a part of. “

Blake Nelms, Creative Director, White Pants Agency,



Joe Scott

“I’m really looking forward to being a part of this.  I am a filmmaker and an entrepreneur and I want to see a vibrant film and media industry built in Texas.    This is going to be a great event for creating something that will truly make things happen.”

Joe Scott,  Director/Writer and CEO of


John Backes“Dallas is known as a place for Real Estate, Technology, Oil & Gas, For Culture, but what we need to make known is the great CREATIVITY we have in Dallas.  And this Creativity can translate into a living, vibrant,  film and media industry right here in Dallas and Texas.   I look forward to coming up with solutions with like-minded people.”

John Backes,  Founder of DXZ Media & Founder of  MOTIVE Real Estate Accelerator, 

Kareem N. Gray“Jeff is exploring an unprecedented business model by bringing people together from the Content Creation world, Film & TV world, and Start-Up & Tech world and having them merge ideas at one unique event where I think the results can be amazing.”

Kareem N. Gray,  Director of feature film Zero One, Founder of Grey Area Filmmworks,


Carmen Studer

“I am thankful to Jeff for holding this vision for the Film Innovation Lab.  The most powerful projects I have been a part of are based in collaboration and creation. I have always seen competition as a lite that holds people, projects, productions, and institutions back.  Dallas needs this in the film and media sector.”

Carmen Studer, Dallas Film Producer



Jeff has some innovative ideas in the film arena and as entrepreneur and start-up proponent for Dallas, I want to be there and be a part of creating something special!

Sarah White, Management Consultant, Dallas Start-Up Proponent




“My desire is to create opportunity for independent filmmakers in the Dallas area and that is why I created the Rack Focus Film Competition.   When I heard from Jeff about the Film Innovation Lab I immediately wanted to be a part of it.   I look forward to coming up with innovative solutions to empower film and media artists in Dallas and through out Texas!”

Israel Luna, Founder of La Luna Entertainment and the Rack Focus Film Competition,


David Burrows

“I am always up for unique challenges.   And, I love the fact of being around like-minded entrepreneurs and media professionals to come up with great solutions for Texas in this industry!”

                                                                     David Burrows, CEO of


Jeevan Betigeri

“I am excited to be part of this event.  As a developer and entrepreneur I look forward to the challenge of creating new models for the film and media industries and solutions that can come from the developer side of things.”

Jeevan Betigeri, CEO of Fathom Ideaware,


Scott Henderson

“Having launched our own media broadcast company, when Jeff told me about the event, I was intrigued and glad to hear about it.  I look forward to being there and coming up with solutions.”                            

                      Scott Henderson, CEO and Co-Founder of

Aaron Booker


“Varvid just recently entered the Dallas area and I have been impressed with the connectedness of the Start-up and Coworking community here and their great desire to help one another.  I want to be a part of that community and this event and help create solutions that can really make a difference in Dallas and Texas.”

Aaron Booker, CEO of, Live Streaming Services


Patrick Dolan

“I have been so impressed with how much the start-up community is about supporting each other here in Dallas.  I look forward to covering this event with our live streaming services.  This unique event should gain traction not only in Dallas but around the US and parts of the world. This should be a dynamic discussion to document and broadcast.”

Patrick Dolan, Managing Director,, Live Streaming Services,  Dallas Division


Giovani Gallucci

“I am in the Internet Television sector, and Social Media.  I love the idea of getting great minds together to come up with solutions that can change an industry and especially to make it happen right here in Texas.”

Giovanni Gallucci, CEO of, Host on


Scott Ellis

Great vision.  This can be built and this can happen.

                                Scott Ellis, Founder of,  Host on



Chaz Buchanan 2We met with Jeff just recently and he really shares our vision of empowering artists and filmmakers to be successful, and creating avenues to help them succeed.  The Film Innovation Lab is going to be a great place to create real opportunities!

Chaz Buchanan, Director/Writer, General Manager of Brown Lane Studios,



Derek Stumfall

Media represents such a huge industry segment and I want to be a part of creating a business model that can create a significant economic impact in Dallas and in Texas.

Derek Stumfall, Founder and CEO of



Todd Hutchinson

“At Independent Film House, I am dedicated to creating community in the film and media industry here in Dallas.  When Jeff told me about this event, I thought this is something very needed and long overdue.  I think we can create something special at the Film Innovation Lab and create a framework, process, and system to create jobs and an industry right here in Texas for all the amazing talent and storytellers we have in Texas.”

Todd “Hutch” Hutchinson, Founder & CEO of Independent Film House,


Courney Garza


“I love helping the start-up world in Dallas any way I can.  I am excited to be a part of this innovative event and see what can be done in the film and media sector.   Dallas is the place for economic opportunity and industry innovation!”

Courtney Garza, Point person for IgniteDFW, Team Leader for new publication D Innovates, part of D Magazine

Neil Lemons 2


  Neil Lemons, Co-Founder & Editor of



Diego Netto


   Diego Netto, Co-Founder & Director of Product Development, Booster Fuels, Inc.


Rory McGlaughlin


   Rory McGlaughlin, Start-Up Consultant


Martin Kelman



                                                                    Martin Kelman, COO of

Danny Kelman



   Danny Kelman, CEO of

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