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The Premise to the Making Moments story.

Creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) For a Film

Audience Feedback Session From Live Performance Event in April

Using Lean Startup Methodologies in Film - Pt. 1

Using Lean Startup Methodologies in Film - Pt. 2

On The 1st Live Audience Feedback Event

On the 1st Live Performance and New Oct. 18th Event

Joe Payton's Experience at 1st Live Performance

The Excitement for New Live Audience Feedback Event

Review of the 1st Making Moments - Live Audience Feedback Event

Launch DFW

“The table reading began and the audience listened as the plot unfolded before our eyes. We were introduced to four characters over the span of about 30 minutes…

“…This was probably the most fascinating part of the evening: it turned more into a dialogue between the audience, writer, and cast than a typical question and answer session.”

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