Live Performance of the film script Making Moments

This is it.  The live performance of Making Moments, draft 4 of the script.  We had some great people come out that night and give me their feedback to the story and characters in order to help me create a film that I hope will not just engage and people will enjoy parts of, but hit on all cylinders across the board, and in the Lean Customer Development process, make a movie, a product, that people will actually buy.

And now, I ask you to please watch the performance and give me your feedback.  We got great feedback that night and so I hope to take what those at the performance and what you tell me and use that in the re-write I am undergoing right now for the script.  Please write to me at or just go to the contact page.

Audience Feedback Session and Q&A

The above video is a 2 camera shoot of the live audience feedback and Q&A session.  It was a great night and I was truly amazed at how helpful and well thought out the feedback was that we received.  Thank you to everybody who came out.  This truly was a moment for me in my life, to see in person people’s reaction to my vision, to the story idea that came to me a few short months ago, and to see their reaction to the premise to the whole film.  It was gratifying to see the premise for the film, resonating with people.  And this also was an event I had planned, and to see people enjoy themselves, and for the event to be successful too, meant a lot to me.

Survey - Tell Us Your Thoughts & Follow The Survey - Spoiler Alert, some story elements listed in survey


Age Range:


How do you feel about the premise for the story, the idea of making special moments in our lives?

When they were listing off moments to have, was there one you wished or wanted them to say?  Or that you think would be really cool to add to the story?

How did you feel at the end of the script, just in total, that is a reaction to the whole story in total?

How did you feel about Max’s conflict within himself?

About Dave’s conflict within himself?

And, Jane’s conflict in her life?

How did you feel about the conflict between the characters?

Dave’s conflict with Jane?

Jane’s conflict with the idea and Max?

After Jane just explained herself, her anger, and problems with her and her husband, how did you feel about her?

When Gladys came to the table how did you feel about Gladys’ story?

And how did you feel about it as a possible solution to Jane’s problem?

How did you feel about Gladys’ own personal struggle or problem?

When they began to think of moments to have, did you enjoy that, did it get you thinking about what you would like to do in your life?

Were there any jokes you liked?

What did you think about the idea that they work together to help make each other’s moments happen?

Please tell me what you thought of the performances from each actor.  What you liked, what you might want changed?

Do you have any additional ideas on how they could accomplish that?

Is there anything you would add to the story?

Is there anything you would take out?

Also, of course, please tell me any thoughts you have, from whatever perspective you desire.

Now we will kind of go back and forth between questions about Making Moments and seeing movies in general.

What genres do you like?

In a month, how many times do you go out for entertainment?

What entertainment do you attend most in a month?

  1. Movies
  2. Live Theater
  3. Music
  4. Amusement Parks
  5. Live Comedy

Please put a number next to each that you do in a month.  Ex.  a. Movies (2 times)

Tell me about the last time you went to see a movie:

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change about the movie watching experience?

If you could wave a magic wand, what would you change about Making Moments?

What tools do you use for choosing a movie at a theater?

Would you like to see a movie at one of the screening events that Imagination Media will be producing?

Does food and drink for the ticket price help?

Do you like the idea of a live Q&A with the Director and Cast after the movie?

Would you like it also to be networking event bringing the Film/TV Community and the Start-Up Community together?

What do you think of the idea of creating a forum or commenting on the Making Moments The Film website, as an adjunct where people can discuss trying to do the same thing in their lives?

Would you like to give input on the future films that Imagination Media will be making?

What kind of cool perks would you like from future movies that Imagination Media makes?