Live Performance of the script for Making Moments – April 10, 2015

The Making Moments live event was well-received.  We had some great people come out and give great feedback.  Read more about the event in the blog.  Read the article in LaunchDFW about the event here.


Live Performance Event - April 10, 2015

Live Performance Event of film script for Making Moments

Audience Feedback Session and Q&A

Filmmaking & Storytellying - Using Lean Start-Up Principles


Filmmaking & Storytelling – Using Lean Start-Up Principles – July 23, 2015

Imagination Media Studios Presents in conjunction with Fort Work and Grey Area Filmworks:

Fine Foods & Networking starts @ 5:00 PM
Zero One starts @ 6PM
Storytelling Workshop and Q&A – 30 min.

$5 – Early Bird    $10 – On Time   or  $10 at the Door

Accomplished Director of Feature Film Zero One, Kareem N. Gray presents:

1. The challenges of writing for low budget productions and the choice to use character to drive your story.

2. Tools needed to tell an engaging story.

3. Tools needed to create well thought out characters to engage your audience.

4.  How to minimize…

Read more here and BUY TICKETS

Saturday Morning Shorts 3 - Breakfast, Films, & Friends at Fort Work

Saturday Morning Shorts

Saturday Morning Shorts 3 – Breakfast, Films, & Friends – July 11, 2015

At Saturday Morning Shorts 3, SCI-FI Edition, we will be watching some great sci-fi short films from great filmmakers all over the world, having another great breakfast, and we will also discuss each film after we watch it.  There will be discussion about techniques, story, and what that film meant to you.  And of course, getting to meet entrepreneurs, film lovers, and filmmakers.

Exclusive Interview

You will get to see an exclusive interview from the director of WWII sci-fi film, about Nazis having developed a suit that makes you invisible for just a few seconds.  The director discusses how the suit was fabricated, how he envisioned the film, how special effects, 3D modeling, and makeup effects were created, and how he learned to become such a skilled filmmaker.


We look forward to watching a great series of short films with you and having another great breakfast, and a chance to meeting even more cool people, entrepreneurs, film lovers, or those actually involved in filmmaking!

Ticket Sales Cover the Cost of Breakfast.

July 11th, Saturday, 11:30AM-1:30PM, near Uptown Area, Dallas, Texas at Coworking space Fort Work.

Early Bird price $5 until July 4.
Then $10 last week, before the event, on July 11th, Saturday.


Film Innovation Lab - Creating a New Business Paradigm for Film and Media

Lean Startup - Growth Hacking

Film Innovation Lab – “Creating a New Film Business Model – Together.”   August 8, 2015  

Great minds and forward thinkers, panel speakers and participants from the film world and the start-up and tech worlds will be on handto discuss the present day film/entertainment business model and all its weaknesses and together in this Brainstorm/Think Tank event, will together create a new business model designed to empower independent filmmakers and media creators to be successful in a completely new business model(s) that we create at the event.

August 8th, 2015, Saturday, 11am-5pm, at the DEC, Dallas Entrepreneur Center.

To Receive Invite and Link To Eventbrite Private Event,  Please E-mail or call:


2nd Live Performance of the newly revised script to Making Moments

2nd Live Performance – Coming Oct. 10, 2015

I am rewriting the script taking in all the information we received from the first live event and all the feedback you the online audience are giving me.

The cast will rejoin to create one more live performance, asking the live audience feedback on the story and characterization. Then I will take the feedback from this live feedback on the newly revised script, and rewrite the script one more time before making the film Making Moments in August.

Exact Time & Location & Where to get tickets to be announced soon!