Mission & Goal

Compelling first.  Helps people second.  This is the goal for any project that Imagination Media does.  While we want to create stories that help people, our top priority is that any story we create is compelling.  

Story is the Star

We believe that STORY should be the star of everything we do. And we believe, if an entertainment company is dedicated to story, that the audience and fans will come to us.

Creating a New Paradigm

Jeff L. Vogt and Imagination Media are also dedicated to finding and creating a new business paradigm for film and empowering Independent filmmakers to succeed in a whole new system.  Come, be a part of that creation.  Join the discussion, contact us, comment.  Read the blog.  Come to our events.

Meet our team

Jeff L. Vogt is the founder and President of Imagination Media, Inc. He has assembled some great talent in order to help Imagination Media reach its goals.  Please say hi to the team!